Rules and procedures

Moon Valley High School


Ms Kim Dismuke’s Personal Skills Development Classroom


Procedures and Information


Welcome to Moon Valley High School!


The focus of this course is on transition activities as required in each student’s IEP.  Transition activities may include but are not limited to the following: disability awareness, self-advocacy & self-determination skills, career exploration, job readiness skills, and job seeking skills. This course is aligned with the transition requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.


This class will also give every Special Education student the individualized support and remediation that he/she needs to have a successful year. This class is also design to help the student meet the student Individual Education Program goals.


The grading system in the Personal Skills Development class is the same grading system as every other class at Moon Valley. The grading system is as follows:


            1 = 90-100%

            2 = 80-89%

            3= 70-79%

            4 = 60-69%

            5 = 59% and below


A passing grade is determined by the following criteria:

          1. Attendance and promptness.

2. Appropriate behavior in Personal Skills Development class.

3. Assignments completed in Personal Skills Development class.

4. Completion of standardized testing preparation assignments.

5. Individual improvement.

6. Academic performance in Personal Skills Development class.



The following rules and guidelines will be enforced in Personal Skills Development class at all times.


  1. Regular Attendance.
  2. Promptness to class
  3. Being Prepared for class
    1. You must bring books, paper, pens/pencils, assignments, ect. to class everyday.
  4. Display appropriate behavior.
  5. Complete required work given to them by all teachers.
  6. Be respectful of self and others.
  7. Carry you ID at all times when on campus.
  8. Dress according to school guidelines as outlined in your school handbook.
  9. Attend Extended Opportunity Day and 8th Hour after school
    1. All failing students or students needing extra help should attend EOP and /or 8 th hour on a weekly basis.
    2. All students should report to the appropriate class during EOP.
  10. Eating and drinking is permitted in my classroom. However, student must remember this is a privilege which can be revoked at the teacher’s discretion if it becomes a problem. A problem would be a disruption to the learning environment.
  11. Cell phones are not allowed on campus: students will not be allowed to use their phones during class time. I have a phone in my room if a student needs to call a parent. Cell phones become a disruption to the learning process.


Failure to abide by any or all of the above rules will result in disciplinary action. Appropriate consequences for inappropriate actions will be determined by the teacher.


Remember, I am here to help you, however this is a partnership and we must work together in order to be successful. Students must be responsible for their own learning.


I am available in Room 503 at 7:00 am every morning as well as some days after school from 2:35 pm to help with class work, homework or any problems students might have. During EOP I will be in Room 1000 or 503 to help students.


I am looking forward to a very productive and successful school year!!!!!

Remember, I expect the BEST so don’t let me down.


My classroom phone number is 623-915-8126