Mechanical Drafting


Dr. Lora Zimmer, 623.915.8135

Course Overview:  Students will experience the design process: drafting, problem solving, prototyping, evaluation, presentation of mechanical and engineering projects. The course is for students who plan to become technicians in industry or pursue careers in engineering, graphic design, and computer animation. Students will produce drawings using computer-aided-design systems. Students are expected to design using 2D and 3D environments. Students will also be encouraged to manufacture scale models of their project designs. Students will have an opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA robotics and drafting competitions.


Student Expectations and School Rules:


Respect yourself, others & the environment


Only speak when called upon by teacher or when it’s appropriate


Come to class prepared with all supplies – students must have a pencil


Keep food & drinks outside of the classroom, except water


Everyone in their seat when the bell rings, ready to participate


Turn off and put away all electronic devices during school hours


Speak using appropriate language



  1. Attendance/ Tardies:
  • The majority of your grade will be determined by in-class work, projects and participation. Therefore, attendance extremely important
  • Students must be inside the class room when the final bell rings or they will be sent to sweeps.

The MVHS Sweeps Policy will be enforced! A combination of 13 absences and/or tardies may result in loss of academic credit.

  • Please see District Policy I-7261 regarding make-up work due to excused absences including those involving the application of pesticides.

    2. Missing work:

  • It is your responsibility to make up all work missed within the current unit. (After that time work will be accepted but there will be a deduction in points.)

    3.  Dress Code:

  • Hats are not to be worn in the class room.
  • Clothing that is distracting, disruptive, indecent or disrespectful will not be tolerated (see school dress code for details).
  • Proper clothing will be required in the room where machine tools are being used.
  • Backpacks are not allowed to be worn in either of the back rooms.

    4.  Passes: 

  • No passes within first 15 or last 15 minutes of class.
  • Bathroom passes will be limited and closely monitored.

    5.  Student Response System (Clickers):

  • Students will be assigned a Student Response Device (clicker) in class.
  • Students are responsible for putting away their clicker before the end of class.
  • Students are responsible for taking care of the clicker while it is in their possession.

    6.  Electronic devices must be kept out of sight and used only with my permission for class related activities.


I expect that your behavior will always be responsible and in consideration of other people, the learning process and equipment in the class room. If you do not adhere to these expectations, I will assign consequences based on the District Guidelines for Due Process.


  1. Weekly calendar will be posted on the white board. Make note of due dates in your planner.
  2. Daily bell work will be required by all students.
  3. Students will be provided with a 3-ring binder. This binder is to remain in the class room.
  4. Students are expected to sign in and out on the log if they are tardy or leave class for any reason.
  5. Reading books - All students are required to carry a book to read during down times.


Safety:  The projects in this class demand a mature and safe attitude from all students.  Students are  expected to practice safety in the classroom and labs at all times. 

  • Equipment that students may use are hand tools, craft knives, soldering irons, hot glue guns, Dremel tools, hand held drills and sanders, band saws, scroll saws, disc/belt sanders, and drill presses. 
  • Students who create a safety hazard of any kind will be prohibited from using the equipment and tools activities until a conference is held with the Dean, the student, the student’s parents, and the teacher. 
  • Students are prohibited from making any type of weapon or any other item that is deemed inappropriate by me, the school and district policy.  Students who are involved in making inappropriate items will automatically be sent to the Dean’s office. 
  • Backpacks are not allowed in the tool and equipment rooms.  
  • No electronic devices or headphones are allowed near power tools.


Computers, Robots and Equipment: Computers, robots, CNC machine, 3D printer, clickers, calculators and other equipment used in engineering and drafting are very expensive. 

  • Improper use, rough handling, and disregard for safety can result in expensive repairs.  Students will be held responsible for any damage caused due to negligence or destructive behavior.
  • Computers are for school related assignments.  You must have permission to use computers for assignments or activities not pertaining to the engineering sciences class.
  • Downloading software, games or music from the internet to any computer is prohibited! 
  • Streaming music and/or videos on district computers is not allowed (per district policy).


Grades:  Semester Grades will be given to students based on their performance in the following areas:

  • Classwork (40%):  bell work, assignments, homework, class participationand quizzes
  • Projects (50%):  Team projects – All team members are expected to contribute to team projects. Your project grade will also include team participation, safety, behavior, reliability, responsibility and lab maintenance
  • Final Exam/Project (10%):  Culminating team project and individual exam

The scale for grading is: 90-100% = A, 80-89% = B,  70-79% = C, 60-69% = D, 0-59% = F

Citizenship Grades:  Citizenship grades are given to students each semester based on behavior and attendance. Outstanding - participate in class discussion, demonstrate exemplary classroom behavior, always on time, participate in clean-up and classroom maintenance; Satisfactory: Achieve basic course requirements; Unsatisfactory:  Undesirable classroom behavior, tardy more than 3 times.


Group Work:

Many of the projects in Engineering Sciences will require the students to work groups.  Each member of the group is expected to participate.  Groups will also be expected to follow the engineering design process for each project and will be responsible for documentation as well as the product being built. Groups who are not working together effectively will be required to write and follow an action plan developed by the team. Teams will be changed throughout the year.


Suggestions for Success in Engineering Sciences

1.  Always come prepared for class – bring a pencil.

2.  Come to class - attendance is very important.

3.  Keep trying and ask questions in class if you do not understand.

4.  Make good use of your time in the classroom.

5.  Take notes and keep an organized engineering notebook and binder.

6.  Participate in group projects.

7.  Treat everyone with respect.

8.  Do not use cell phones and other electronic devices unless it is class related.



I will work to ensure that all students have a safe, successful and productive learning experience.  I am always available to answer questions and/or discuss concerns with parents or guardians and students.  Please feel free to e-mail me at or call me at 623-915-8135.  I will return your call or e-mail as quickly as possible.





Procedures……..I agree:

1.    To the procedures and expectations outlined in the syllabus.

2.    To show respect toward other students and my teacher(s).

3.    To allow my picture to be taken for educational purposes.

4.    To stay on task and pay attention to what I am doing at all times.

5.    To do my own work on assignments and assessments.

6.    To refrain from making anything that even resembles a weapon or any other item deemed inappropriate by school or district policy.

7.    To be responsible for tools and equipment in the class and work rooms.

8.    To not leave the classroom unless I have permission and have signed out on the log.

9.    To not steam music and/or videos or to play games during class time.

SAFETY……..I agree:

1.     To wear Safety Glasses at all times when near by or using power tools.

2.    To respect other students’ personal property and projects.

3.    To not disrupt, distract, shout, or horseplay in the classroom.

4.    To operate all power machine and hand tools in a safe manner.

5.    To report any unsafe acts or conditions immediately to the teacher(s).

6.    To not use any machines for which I have not passed the safety test.

7.    To not use any power equipment if a teacher is not in the class room.

8.    To not intentionally misuse any hand tool, equipment, or power machine.

9.    To follow all class safety procedures and guidelines while in the classroom.

10.  To clean-up my assigned area daily to the level of the teacher’s guidelines.

I accept and agree to follow all the Behavior and Safety guidelines stated above and fully understand and accept the consequences if any of the above guidelines are not followed.