SAT Permission Slip

2016-2017 School Year 


To: Parents or Guardians of Moon Valley NJROTC Cadets

SUBJ: Participation in the college entrance test preparation course

1. This school year your

(son/daughter) will be eligible to participate in an internet accessed SAT / ACT preparation course. This course is offered free of charge and without obligation. The website is We ask that you encourage your cadet to participate fully in the program and make the most of this opportunity.


2. In addition to preparing for the SAT/ACT the course cadets will learn test-taking strategies in order to improve scores on other standardized tests such as AIMS as well as those mandated by the "No Child Left Behind" Act .

3. It is our hope that cadets who may not otherwise have taken the SAT/ACT will be able to broaden their post high school choices through this program. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter by signing below and returning the letter to LCDR MacLean.


Cadet’s name: _________________________

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I received this letter and my son/daughter will be participating in the program.

______________________________ ____________________________

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