Vocabulary 1- Theatre 1

Vocabulary 1

Stages & Areas around the Stage

Arena                           Circular shaped stage with audience on all 4 sides.   (Orig. Greeks)


Proscenium                  Stage that is framed by a physical arch for a picture effect. Audience sits in front of
                                          stage on 1 side. (Orig. Italian) MVHS has this type of stage.


Thrust                              Stage “thrusts” out into the audience who sits on 3 sides.  Catwalk. (Orig. Eng)


Onstage                              The area of the stage used by actors during a performance.


Offstage                               Any part of the stage outside of the acting area.


Apron                            The rounded downstage part of the stage in front of the proscenium arch.


Wings                              Areas to the right and left off the visible stage.


Backstage                           Areas not visible to the audience; behind curtains & scenery.


Downstage                         Area closest to the audience; apron area.


Upstage                              Area furthest away from the audience- toward the rear of the stage


Centerstage                        The area in the middle of the stage.


Stage Right                        The right side of the stage from the actor’s point of view (facing the audience)


Stage Left                            The left side of the stage from the actor’s point of view.


House                                    The area where the audience sits to view a performance from the stage.


What is the “actor’s rule” for stage directions?  It's the actor's right or left as s/he FACES the audience.