Vocabulary 2- Theatre 1

Vocabulary 2

Play Production



ANGEL                        Name given to people that financially back a show.

BOX OFFICE              This crew obtains and sells tickets for the show.


COSTUME CREW       This crew obtains all clothing and accessories for all cast          
                                       members. Their job entails
researching the given time period,
                                       obtaining cast measurements.  Costumes are often 
rented or pulled
                                       from our “stock” and altered to fit a cast member.


DIRECTOR                  The person in charge of the entire production, the interpretation of
                                       the script, acting 
rehearsals, designer or approval of designs and
                                       technical effects           


HOUSE MANAGER    Person in charge of ushers, seating and distribution of programs.


LIGHT CREW              Crew that follows a designed light plot, hangs/focuses
instruments; cleans/maintains lighting equipment. During show
nights, “Master Electrician” runs the dimmer board, often assisted
by a “ pre- setter." Often times follow spot operators are used.


MAKE-UP CREW            This crew designs/applies make-up, and styles hair of the cast.
Crew researches given time period, practices make-up techniques
and builds any beards, prosthetics, etc. that are used.


PRODUCER                  The person who is in charge of obtaining funds for a production.


PROPERTY CREW            The property crew obtains all props that are used in the show.
The crew locates small prop items such as cups, magazines etc..
as well as stage props- large furniture items like sofas and lamps.
”Rehearsal” props (props that are similar to the real ones) are
used until the show props are obtained.  During show nights, the
prop crew is involved in changing set pieces and props if


PUBLICITY              This crew advertises and promotes the play via letters, flyers,
   posters, etc.


RIGGING                 This crew is responsible for any use of the counterweight system and
“flying” that is
 executed during a production. 


STAGE MANAGER            Person in charge of running the show from backstage.
The stage manager calls cues  
and makes sure the production runs


SOUND                        This crew locates all needed sound effects and appropriate music
for a production.  Many shows need additional sound equipment
such as microphones.


 TECHNICAL             The person in charge of all technical aspects in production. 
 DIRECTOR      The Tech Director 
manages and supervises various technical crews.