2017 Summer Assignments

The following classes have summer assignments.  Please click on the appropriate link for more information regarding the assignments and due dates.  

AP Art -- Mrs. Dorsey

AP Biology -- Mr. Dzienis

AP Calculus AB -- Mrs. Thomas

AP Calculus BC -- Mrs. Thomas

AP English Language (Junior) -- Ms. Allen

AP English Literature (Senior) -- Mr. Bloom

AP French -- Madame Kauffman

AP Physics  -- Dr. Zimmer

AP Spanish -- Mrs. Adaro 

AP US History  --  Mrs. Wright

AP World History -- Mr. Peters

Honors English 1-2 --  Ms. Raab

Honors English 3-4 -- Ms. Serafini

Honors French -- Madame Kauffman

Honors Spanish --  Ms. Armstrong
Audio (No Te Pertenece)
Audio (Juntos Together)