Current Events
•Article Criteria
  • Article must be health care related
  • Due every other Wednesday
  • Article being turned in must be current, within 2 weeks prior to due date (Wednesday to Wednesday)
  • Editorial or opinion-based articles will be accepted; factual or research-based ONLY
  • Assignment should to be submitted using student Google email account.  Link for article can be included in written analysis, or article may be added as an attachment.
  • Articles may be obtained from current newspapers; extra credit for USA Today
  • If you wish to use the internet to obtain your article, ONLY these 3 sites can be utilized:


Written Analysis

  • List 3 facts
  • Summarize the article as a whole in 4-5 sentences
  • State your opinion in 5-6 sentences
15% of overall grade
  • 50 points each
  • Incomplete/source of article cannot be identified = 0 points