Health Education Project
200 points; part of Clinical grade
Group consists of 4 members.
Your group addresses 1 specific health issue or concern.
Teach 1 health related concept.
  • Choose a topic
  • Prepare a lesson plan to teach the class
    • List goals and objectives (needs to be detailed)
  • Provide instruction
  • Evaluate the results of your presentation
    • A form/handout completed by the audience
    • Returned demonstration by the audience
* All materials must be organized in a notebook (3-ringed binder) to be turned in!
Instruction must include:
  • Use of presentation tools
    • Student-made video
    • Power point presentation
    • Overhead
    • record your group presenting your chosen topic
  • students must be dressed in professional attire
    • HCE uniform
    • Career appropriate attire
  • Lesson must be age-appropriate
* Presentation can’t exceed 40 min.
          Target time: 30 min.
Notebook Requirements:
  • Title page (1 page only)
    • Title of lesson
    • Grade level of target audience
    • Team members
  • Lesson plan (3 page max)
    • Describe your group’s goal and plan for instruction
  • Back-up supportive info section (10 page max)
    • Data & info about topic
    • Any research collected
    • Any resources used
  • Written presentation material (20 page max)
    • Includes (but isn’t limited to):
-Anything given to your audience
  • Feedback tools (10 page max)
    • Evaluation form (if used)
    • Collected data from audience
    • Any written feedback used to evaluate the audience’s learning