Disease Research Paper
300 points
Project Content
Choose a disease
·       What is the etiology of the disease? (history, how did it start, what caused it)
·       Describe the disease (include signs and symptoms of the disease)
·       How is it diagnosed?
·       How is it treated? Include at least 3 medications used in treating this disease or its symptoms
*include with the medications:
o      Dosage, side effects, how it works, contraindications (when you can’t use this drug)
·       What is the prognosis? What is going to happen to a person that has this disease?
*paper must be written in essay form! Grammar, punctuation and spelling are part of your grade. Be sure and proof read!
Works Cited
·       NO dot com sites
·       .edu & .org sites are accepted
·       Must have at least 1 text reference (book or periodical)