Photo Club
Club Description:  This is a beginning level Photo Club that will introduce the fundamental skills in photography mechanics while exploring the possibility of the photograph as visual language.  Students will be asked to keep a portfolio of their work, works in progress, and a photo journal where a record of their research, developing creative thinking, and problem solving will be kept.  In this club you will learn together the mechanics of your camera, camera techniques, and experience creativity with photography and composition.

College Credit Opportunity:  Photo Club is not only for black and white photography lovers but also for digital.  This club mainly focuses on fundraising activities that will help pay for a community college black and white class.  Moon Valley, unfortunately, does not currently offer a darkroom class, so I try and send students to a college class that offers a darkroom.  Students who participate in the fundraising will be eligible for a paid/discounted Glendale Community College class:  ART 131~ Introduction to Photography.  Students will take this during the summer and recieve college credit.  Normal cost is $235 for the class & about $100 for supplies.

Field Trips:  Photo Club will be taking field trips to evaluate, critique, and learn about different photographers, their style, and culture.  In  accordance with MVHS policy, only students who have permission slips signed by parents & class sign-off sheets will be able to attend.  Field trip behavior listed in the Student Handbook must be strictly adhered to or consequences will follow.  Times of field trips will vary with after school, possibly during, and maybe weekends.  Club members are not required to go on all field trips.  Club members will also have the opportunity to enter in various photography contests and take pictures of school events for possible school use.

School Fundraisers/Activities:  Buddy Pictures for various holidays, dance pictures for Bling Fling, Annual Sweetheart Crush Sale, bake sales, Future Freshmen Night, candy sales, I Am Moon Valley, Maricopa County Fair Photography contests and food sales during Crazy Lunch.  We occasionally provide pictures for the yearbook and school news paper.