Kim Dismuke

Hi, my name is Kim Dismuke. I am known by a number of students as "Coach Kim". I team teach with Tim Clark in a Thinking Science class, Amanda McGowan in Biology, Stephen Dzienis in Thinking Science and Josh Teel in Chemistry. I am a off-campus Track & Field Coach at Central Arizona College as an Head Coach. I teach Personal Skills Development here at Moon Valley. My teaching schedule is: 1st Hour Team Teach Chemistry (Teel) , 2nd Hour Team Teach Biology (McGowan), 3rd Hour Personal Skills Development, 4th Hour Lunch, 5th Hour Team Teach Thinking Science (Dzienis), 6th Hour Team Teaching Thinking Science (Clark), 7th Hour Teacher Prep. You may contact me by calling 623-915-8126. If you prefer to e-mail me, please use the Contact Me link on the menu to the left.