Parent Organizations

There are many good reasons for parents to become involved with schoolactivities.  It's a great way for parents to show they take an interestin their students' education, and it helps demonstrate the importance ofsupporting the school community.  Volunteering enriches the the wholeschool experience by providing students with positive interaction,support, and encouragement.


 Booster Club
  Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
  School Site Council
  The Booster Club is organized and run by parents.  It's primary purpose is to support various clubs and/sports teams by organizing fundraisers and coordinating events.
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  The PTO is an organization that consists of parents, teachers and school staff.  The essential goals include volunteerism of parents, encouragement of teachers and students, community involvement, and welfare of students and families. 
   The School Site council is a decision-making group of parents, students, and school staff that has as its major responsibility the development, implementation, and evaluation of the School Plan for Improvement and budget.
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