Freshmen Attend Link Crew

Freshmen Attend Link Crew Transition Program
Posted on 8/20/2008
The class of 2012 began their new school year with a fresh start, with Moon Valley’s inaugural Link Crew Program. The program teams a trained, upperclassman Link Leader with 10 incoming freshmen to assist in bridging the gap from middle school to high school.
More than 400 freshmen and 62 Link Leaders participated, beginning the day at a traditional Link Crew Assembly in the gymnasium. After enjoying a few large group activities, the students broke into 40 groups and headed to various locations around campus to continue with small group activities. Name Tag is one of the games that they enjoyed, which was used to help new kids learn the names of their teammates. Another fun activity was Team Juggling, where students use their new name information to take on a higher level challenge.
Link Crew is a program developed by the Boomerang Project, headed up by former educators with a heart for kids. Many students have a difficult time moving up from middle school, and these activities while simple, begin to build relationships that will hopefully become a positive support system for the student later in the year. High schools around the country have found success using this program, in fact another Glendale Union High School, Apollo, reduced their truancy rate for freshmen by 50% the first year it was introduced.
Link Crew training and implementation was paid for through 301 funding, which was approved last year by our School Council. Additional donations that included pens for the students and identifying T-shirts for the Link Leaders came from our parent Rocket Boosters club.
Plans are underway to continue this team effort throughout the year. Moon Valley envisions an environment where all students will be highly successful, and Link Crew is just one small step in moving toward that goal.