College & Career Day

College & Career Day 2008!
Posted on 9/29/2008
Dr. Aamann, Veterinarian, Palm Glen Animal Hospital
College & Career Day 2008
Juniors and seniors participated in Moon Valley’s annual College & Career Day last Monday, September 22nd. More than 60 visitors offered presentations on more than 40 diverse careers and 12 different colleges, including Glendale Community College, Arizona State University and University of Arizona.
Special student schedules were prepared, based upon students’ topic selection for the career portion of the day. Special guests presented information that included performing arts, three different types of engineering and how to start your own business. Students spent about 35 minutes with presenters in classrooms and learned inside information regarding education to achieve in the field and what day-to-day activities are performed.
Presenters began their day with an address from Principal Fowler while they enjoyed a continental breakfast prepared and presented by Brandi Jans’ and her culinary students. Many of our guests delivered four presentations, and looked forward to the beverages and fresh Mexican food prepared by Caramba and artfully presented by Pamela Richer’s culinary students. Junior Naval ROTC students assisted presenters with parking and locating their classrooms.
College presentations followed lunch, as juniors returned to their classrooms and seniors listened to information covering programs at many colleges who came as participants of the Arizona High School Relations Council. Seniors followed up with schools of their choice in the gymnasium, filling out application forms and getting their questions answered about life on different campuses. The day was completed with an early dismissal for seniors, as they left contemplating their futures.