A letter from our Student Services Assistant Principal, Mrs. Anat Salyer

A letter from our Student Services Assistant Principal, Mrs. Anat Salyer
Posted on 2014/08/29

September 2014

Dear Moon Valley Parents,                                                                    
We would like to take this time to congratulate your student on his or her academic success over the last one to two years, and we would like to help you and your student as she/he plans for higher education.

We highly recommend that all juniors take the PSAT exam which is being offered here at Moon Valley High School on Wednesday, October 15th.  Combined with the academic success your son or daughter has had in school, a high score on this test can reap significant benefits, including the National Merit Scholarship, which can potentially cover the entire cost of college.  We cannot over-emphasize the importance of taking the PSAT exam during your student’s junior year, as only 11th grade PSAT scores are used to determine National Merit semi-finalists and finalists.

To help support and prepare for the exam, we are offering a preparation class to interested juniors/qualified sophomores.  This nine-hour PSAT class has been proven to help students outperform the competition which could give your student an edge over other PSAT-tested juniors throughout the nation.  Moon Valley teachers lead the classes using annually evaluated, highly effective resources.  Included in the cost of the class is a PSAT pre-test structured like the real test.  The pre-test will be given on Saturday, September 6th, from 8-11:30 a.m. in Room 1000.  The prep class will take place from 3 to 4 p.m. in Room 1000 on the following days:

Monday, September 8th Wednesday, September 24th
Wednesday, September 10th Monday, September 29th
Monday, September 15th Wednesday, October 1st
Wednesday, September 17
th Monday, October 13th
Monday, September 22

You can register your student for the class and the test at the school bookstore beginning on Monday, August 25th.  The deadline for the prep class sign-up is Friday, September 5th, and the deadline for the exam only sign-up is Friday, September 26th.  There are a limited number of tests, so register your student as early as possible.  The cost for the class and the test is $90, while the test alone costs $15.  If you cannot afford the entire cost of the prep class, please call Ms. Gosalia at 623-915-8028 for information on loan arrangements or partial scholarship assistance.  Students that took the PSAT class last school year qualify to take the class again free of charge.  You would be required to pay for the test only ($15).

For information about the PSAT, SAT, AP Programs and much more, go to www.collegeboard.com.  For more information on financial aid and scholarships, please visit moonvalley.guhsdaz.org or contact our Career Center Specialist, Bethany Marshall, at 623-915-8055.  Thank you for your continued support and please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

Anat Salyer
Assistant Principal
Moon Valley High School