DECA Hits the Big Apple!

DECA Hits the Big Apple!
Posted on 2013/12/09

December 2013
By Seniors Juliana Campillo and Ben Gelbart

In November the Business and Marketing Club, DECA, traveled to New York City for a career conference.  The itinerary included educational business courses during the day, and the opportunity to experience some of New York’s finest attractions afterwards.
    One of the workshops included a hands-on experience with a Berkley College “Fashionista” in which students were asked to create a new product, taking into account the trends of today and choosing a fitting target market.  The second workshop featured a guest speaker—a marketing consultant for New York City sports teams—discussing some of the strategies for encouraging attendance among sports-goers.  Following this, members of DECA were allowed an exclusive, full length tour of Madison Square Garden.  Students were given the opportunity to witness the remodeled auditorium where sports games and music concerts take place.
    Concluding the marketing and career conference was a tour of Planet Hollywood.  This included an all access walkthrough of the gourmet kitchen and an invitation to the Italian themed second floor seating.  This workshop was presented by the restaurant manager who revealed several marketing tips to gain success.  The restaurant promoted itself by showing never before seen previews of upcoming films and by decorating the restaurant with authentic props used in Hollywood’s biggest films.  The business workshops flourished the DECA students with much information pertaining to many future careers in the marketing field.  The experience to New York City was unforgettable and many students hope to return to the Big Apple.