Eat, Sleep, Band

Eat, Sleep, Band
Posted on 2015/02/06

February 2015

Congratulations are due to senior, Emanuel Andronache, for winning a first spot in the All Region Honor Orchestra.  He faced steep competition, since the region in which Moon Valley competes is what most would agree, one of the top two for talent in Arizona.  Even more impressive is that he earned this spot playing the horn which is one of the most difficult instruments to master.  The performers who achieved the honor will spotlight their talents in a concert which will be held at Camelback High School on February 21st at 4:00 PM.  Then in March, each member will compete for a chance at a slot in the All-State band, orchestra and choir.

Emanuel has dedicated all four years of high school to this passion.  In fact, this will be his fourth year performing and competing with this esteemed group.  In last year’s competition, he missed the cut by only 40 points that was based on a scale of 1-2000.  Band Director, Mr. Williford, feels that this will be Emanuel’s year to make the All-State lineup.  We are rooting for you Emanuel.  We celebrate your hard work and commitment and wish you the very best of luck in such a find endeavor.

Senior, Emanuel Andronache