Aladdin Jr. Opens Wednesday, March 4th
Posted on 3/1/2009
Aladdin Jr.

Moon Valley Theater will be performing Aladdin Jr., which opens on Wednesday, March 4th. Tickets are $5 pre-sale from anyone in the production or the receptionist at the front office. Tickets will be $7 at the door.

Cast is the following: "Swiss Chris" as Aladdin, Ashlyn Kelley as Jasmine, Eric Hula as the Genie, Steven Gobster as Jafar, Gary Hallesy as Sultan, Ashley Kirk as Iago. The play will be narrated by: Andrea Manciet, K, Katie Pawlowski, Michelle  Chaparro, Michelle Dossey, Drea Martin and Ashley Vasos.

Shades of purple on the sets symbolize royalty. Hall of Fame alumni Caitlyn Thomas custom-painted Raja the tiger on Jasmin's wall.

The beautiful costumes were created by the Theater department. Fabrics were hand-selected and custom designed by talented artists.

The show was a perfect match for our foreign exchange student Swiss Chris, who looks, sings and acts just like Aladdin.  He speaks five languages fluently, has straight A's, and is a true leader.

The theater team performed at Metrocenter on Saturday, February 28th, taking free pictures with youth in the mall.

Don't miss the upcoming show!