AIMS Math, Science & TerraNova

AIMS & TerraNova April 1-2
Posted on 3/10/2009
AIMS Math Science

AIMS Math & TerraNova on Wednesday, April 1st

AIMS Science on Thursday, April 2nd



NO EOP on Wednesday, April 1st

Who tests?

AIMS Math: All sophomores; All juniors & seniors who have not yet passed; Students who wish to exceed on AIMS Math.

TerraNova: All freshman students

AIMS Science: All students taking a biology class.


AIMS Math: Late start, students must report to their testing classrooms no later than 9:15. Testing begins at 9:30am and concludes at 2:35pm.

TerraNova: Late start, students report to testing classrooms by 9:15am and testing begins at 9:30am, concluding at 1:45pm. Busses will run at 2pm.

AIMS Science: Testing students will go to their 1st hour, then report to their testing classroom for testing during 2nd and 3rd periods, then returning to their regular class schedules.