Art Show

Art Show
Posted on 2017/05/05


Ms. Dorsey's art classes and Ms.Hopeman's  3-D design classes participated in a juried art show this week in the media center.  A group of art professionals evaluated the student’s art to assign first, second, and third place awards. In some cases, the judges were moved to give a student an honorable mention.

A few of the winners were:  

Principal's Choice - 3-D winner:  Maya Molina for her tree vase

Principal's Choice -  2-D winner:   Alex Coulter for her sliced pears

Staff’s choice. All of the teachers and staff selected this work. Rebeca Acosta Gomez for her painting, “Three kids in a bag”

Best of Show  - 2-D work:  Tyler Long for his drawing, “Pirate Hands”

Best of Show - 3-D work:   Justin Walsh for his piece, “Breaking out”

Bird  Bear  Masks  Ocean  Diver