Faculty Follies

Faculty Follies
Posted on 2016/12/15
By Dylan Thomas, Moon Valley High School Student
Faculty Follies was held Dec. 14 in the auditorium and showcased teachers’ talents and ability - both real and not.
Teachers participated in various skits like  “Department Family Feud,” “Synchronized Swimming,” and “Lip Sync Battle.”
This event has not been held in over ten years, but is making a comeback due to low funds in the Laura Mason Staff Scholarship.
Laura Mason, Moon Valley’s previous  Media Center director, was diagnosed with Leukemia in July 2010. After 18 months, Mason lost her battle in March 2012.
Due to Mason’s dedication to helping those in need, especially students, the campus renamed the staff scholarship after her.
Over $3,000 has been given out over the past four years, but the funds are running low, so Julie Rasor, theatre teacher, decided to bring back Faculty Follies to replenish the funds.
Rasor expressed her overall goal of being to “raise money and to have a great time showing off the amazing risk-taking faculty and staff!”
Rasor decided on the different skits from “watching TV shows such as Lip Sync Battle and Hollywood game night.”
“Suggestions and inputs from our staff also helped,” Rasor explained.  
Layne Peterson, geometry math teacher, decided to participate in the event due to it being for a good cause.
“We’re raising money for the scholarship funds for seniors and this is really important.” Peterson expressed.
Peterson was involved in a barbershop quartet and a synchronized swimming skit.
Peterson was excited to see a lot of kids come out and get to see their teachers in a different light.
“I embarrass myself on a regular basis in front of 30 kids, why not embarrassed myself in 100-400 kids,” Peterson joked.
Senior Jocelyn Gates has been coached by Peterson since her freshman year and thinks that he was a “good participant because [he] is fun,competitive, and raises the competition.”
Peggy Sue Armstrong, Spanish teacher, participated in “Family Feud” and “How Do You Doo.”
Armstrong decided to be in this event as a way to do something fun as a group. Her overall goal was to “be on the winning team, laugh a lot and have fun!”
“I was most excited for the lip sync battle and the dancing skits,” Armstrong smiled.
Senior Alexis Bustamante believed Armstrong was a good performer because “she is a creative teacher, always full of spirit, and always motivated. She's just a happy person.” Bustamante explained.
Faculty Follies is a tradition that hopes to be continued for years to come.