Senior Yearbook Photos

Senior Yearbook Photos
Attention 2018 Seniors!  Senior students will be photographed in Cap and Gown this year for the yearbook. Click here for the link to Grads Photography site.

This year we are trying something new!  Seniors will stand apart in the yearbook by being photographed in a Moon Valley cap and gown.  This will be at no cost to you.  Grads Photography will provide the cap and gown for the picture.  You will be able to purchase these photos instantly for graduation announcements instead of having to wait until spring to see your senior in a cap and gown. Seniors will look distinguished in their section of the yearbook as it should be to recognize their years of hard work and dedication.  This is mandatory for all seniors who wish to be in the yearbook.  Note:  a picture in a cap and gown for the yearbook does not guarantee a diploma in May.


You must have your yearbook picture taken by our contracted photographer, Grads Photography.  Neither the ID picture taken at registration or any photo taken by a different company can be used.  THE YEARBOOK PICTURE MUST BE TAKEN NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 31, 2017.  Please complete one of the following:

  • Arrange a sitting for your senior portraits with Grads ASAP.  Their phone number is 623-566-1082.  Their website is Make sure they take a “yearbook picture”.
  • If you do not wish to purchase photos at this time, simply contact Grads to arrange a drop-in to have your yearbook picture taken prior to October 31.
  • On Tuesday, October 31st, Grads will be on campus to take underclassmen re-takes.  They will have a senior camera set up in the building 5 conference room to photograph seniors who have not yet had their picture taken.  You can come by on your lunch to have your yearbook picture taken.  Please be advised that photos taken at this time will NOT be available for purchase.


Please make certain you do one of the above options, OR YOUR PICTURE WILL NOT BE IN THE YEARBOOK.  I’m hoping for 100% coverage of seniors this year!  Please feel free to contact myself or the school with any questions. 


Thank you,


Kimberly Fisher

Moon Valley Yearbook Adviser