Moon Valley Offers Online Classes

Online Classes for Credit Recovery
GUHSD Online

Credit recovery is just a click away for those who need core classes, due to a new online program offered by the Glendale Union High School District. Core classes offered at this time include English, math, science and civics.

Funded through Glendale Union High School District, the classes are actually an extension of the Mesa School District.
Initially, the program is primarily for credit recovery, which will be used for upper classmen to retake a class. The district hopes to expand this program eventually to include elective classes.
Costs include a $25 registration fee and tuition is $125 per class. Student Services recommends that students who are interested in this program speak to their counselor. Those who require credits for the 08-09 school year will need to register no later than March 24th.
Other online programs are available, however according to Assistant Principal Mussi, “if a student decides to take a core class outside of the district, they will receive elective credits only, unless they can pass our final examination.”
Classes are divided into units and broken down into individual lessons, just like regular classes. Requirements of each lesson will vary, but may include videos, web quests or worksheet completion. Grading will be done by program teachers.
Lessons are self-paced; however those requiring credit for 08-09 need to have their finals taken no later than May 15th. Students are able to use the school’s computer labs before school from 7:15-7:55am and after school until 4pm to take their classes. Midterms and finals will be taken at school to ensure honesty.
Computers that will be used to take online classes will have to meet several requirements. They’ll require an Internet connection, a monitor displaying 256 colors, CD Rom player, 512 MB of RAM, all current updates and the MDLP installation CD. A word processing program will also be required. Windows will require Internet Explorer 7 browser and Macs will need the Safari version.
Steps to enroll include a visit to the counselor, who will provide logon information and then off to the bookstore to pay the fees. The bookstore will provide students with the MDLP installation CD, and then stop back by the counselor’s office for completion. Visit GUHSD Online at or for further information.