Chalk Drawings

Chalk Art - The Tradition Continues

Art 3-4 and Advanced Art students created chalk drawings by the administration building this past week.  Former art teacher, Mr. Smith began the tradition of producing an elaborate pastel rendering of a subject on the sidewalk for all students to appreciate.  Mrs. Dorsey, the current art teacher, has continued this tradition.  

Students first lay out the image with regular white chalk. They then add a base layer of the color desired. As they draw, the chalk creates piles of dust that they press into the cement. They spray the drawings frequently with hairspray. It's important to step back from time to time to see if the drawing is accurate.  They use small soft cloths to blend and clean up their errors. This year the drawings were more vibrant than ever. The students worked tirelessly to layer and blend.

The drawings will remain until the summertime when our maintenance crew will power wash them off of the cement.  Below are several examples of the creations.  

Art 1  Art 2  Art 3  Art 4  Art 5  Art 6  Art 7  Art 7  Art 8