Calculus the Musical

Calculus the Musical
Posted on 2019/02/08
It is an annual tradition for Moon Valley Calculus students to attend Calculus the Musical. This year the performance was at Phoenix College. For BC Calculus students, this is their second time seeing the show. Each year some songs are swapped out to keep the show fresh. Academically, Calculus the Musical is a great review of Calculus and the historical figures key to the development of Calculus using the fine arts. All of our Moon Valley students “Have Calculus in Their Heart.”
Quotes from students:
“The musical was so amazing! It took all we've learned and made it fun and memorable. Those of us who've seen it before sang along to our favorite songs and listened to a few new ones for the first time. I hope I get to see the show again after high school. It's one of math's highlights.” Griselda Nilsen
“It's funny and I like how they change some of the songs up so it's not exactly the same as last year.”
Yingwen Situ

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