“HerWorld” at DeVry University

“HerWorld” at DeVry University
Posted on 2014/03/13

March 2014

Recently, ten of our students attended the “HerWorld” conference sponsored by DeVry University.  This conference was held in an effort to promote enthusiasm amongst female students for college and career aspirations in what is referred to as STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Not only did DeVry host the event, but also generously covered the registration costs for our students.

The keynote speaker was Special Agent Nicole Keeling of the Anti-Smuggling Task Force for Homeland Security and then the girls were able to select from twelve breakout sessions that included subjects such as:

  • Scribbler Robot: Program and control the movement of the Scribbler Robot! Students will create a program using a graphical interface and will upload it to an actual robot to test it out.
  • Special Agents of Homeland Security Investigations: Hear directly from special agents and learn about what it takes to be a successful female in Federal Law Enforcement.
  • Foreign Currency Exchange – International Accounting: Learn about culture and currency exchange rates from all of over the world, and participate in activities related to international accounting practices.
  • The Binary Counter: Build an electronic circuit that counts in the binary number system. Binary is a number system that has two unique digits, 0 and 1. For the computer, the binary system is more natural due to its electrical nature of on and off, just like a light switch.
  • Switched at Birth!: Through technologies in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, human blood group genetics can be used to determine parentage. Students will investigate and determine who the parents are of “Baby M”.

This experience is one more way students can see first-hand how the sciences and math classes they are taking today, can someday transform into an engaging and lucrative career.