Bon Travail Foreign Language Department

Bon Travail Foreign Language Department`
Posted on 2014/02/21
February 2014

Each year, ASU sponsors a Foreign Languages Fair on their Tempe campus for high school students across the state.  The purpose of this event is to allow students to demonstrate their abilities in the foreign language which they are currently learning, and to encourage further studies in language as they move into higher education.  French teacher Anne Kauffman and Spanish teacher Allison Gerard, along with fifty students represented Moon Valley at the occasion.  Students participated in mini language lessons such as Russian, Turkish, Korean, and many more.  They also had dance lessons and did some karaoke.

Moon Valley had two groups who placed in competitions.  AP French students Maihan Alam, Framarz Alam, Rodrigo Bello, Jessica Bryant and Ryan Luy placed first for their Advanced Student Created Play receiving a perfect score.  Honors French students Yessica Camacho, Mandi Cress, Angelica Mulvaney, and Lillian Vlaieva placed second for their Intermediate Student Created Play.  What a fantastic way to enrich classroom learning and this is sure to be a tradition which continues on for our students.