Dance Around the World

Dance Around the World
Posted on 2014/05/01

May 2014

Moon Valley proudly presents our annual Dance Show from May 7th through the 9th.  This year’s theme is Dance Around the World.  Instructor, Marianne Also, wanted to broaden student’s musical horizons by introducing a theme that encouraged the selection of different types of music instead of only current pieces.  As a result, the show will be spiced up with routines that showcase an Arabian type song called Harem, and also a Turkish song called Turkan.

Our student performers have been working on this show all year.  Several of the routines were choreographed by students who then led auditions for the dance that they put together.  Dancers then took the initiative to schedule rehearsals after school in order to make the final cut for the show.  In fact, this year saw the most student choreographed routines in several years.

Along with several group arrangements, the recital will feature a total of nine solo performances by seniors.  Five of these students were so committed to the program that they took dance all four years of high school and deserve special recognition: Rubi Lopez, Jennifer Olsker, Amanda Shaw, Cheyenne Simington and Emma Smith.  The audience will be treated to a rousing performance of Waka Waka by Shakira as a finale.  Tickets will be sold at the door and are $5.00 each.

Please join us for a night of enchantment and bedazzlement as our Moon Valley dancers take you on a journey around our vast and storied world.