It’s Cool to Stay in School!

It’s Cool to Stay in School!
Posted on 2014/01/28

On January 27th, Tumbleweed Elementary celebrated its 100th day of school with an assembly to promote the importance of attending school each day. 

Moon Valley’s NJROTC Color Guard and Pom Line were invited to participate in the assembly.
The NJROTC Color Guard helped to kick off the opening ceremony by performing a military march and bringing in the flags for the Pledge of Allegiance.  Chief Barnett spoke to students about the importance of staying in school and trying their very best.  Our Pom Line was asked to pump up the spirit and the fun.  The team delivered an energetic performance and then led the Tigers in school chants.  They even sat amongst the crowd during the assembly to keep the enthusiasm up.

Moon Valley is delighted to have been asked to contribute to Tumbleweed’s celebration and wish our young students across the way the very best success in their academic endeavors.