Moon Valley Link Crew Leaders

Link Crew Leaders

Moon Valley is committed to academic excellence and to mentoring future leaders for our community.  For that reason, Link Crew was established on our campus.  The group is led by teacher Joshua Teel and several other teachers who work with student volunteers that wish to be leaders on the Moon Valley campus.  These students volunteer at various school events and actively work with freshmen students in order to better integrate them into high school life.

This past November, eleven Moon Valley Link Crew members were selected for and attended a leadership conference.  Attendees did more than just listen to presentations, they interacted with more than three hundred participants.  The groups also participated in games which developed our Link Crew leaders’ ability to connect with freshmen students through acknowledgement and interactive discussions designed to help build relationships that support our first year students.

Junior Cassie Miller said, “The Link Crew Conference taught all eleven of us who attended how to be better motivational leaders to Moon Valley’s freshmen.”  We look forward to seeing all of the great things our Link Crew leaders will do this year.