Alice in Wonderland

Moon Valley Theatre Presents...
Posted on 2015/09/25

The Moon Valley High School production of “Alice” came from our mixed intermediate and advanced (3-8) Theatre Arts class with rehearsals done almost exclusively in 7th hour. For some students, it is their first time on stage before an audience, and our technical help came from 1st and 2nd year CTE Stagecraft students.  We were excited to be able to bring you this wonderful production to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.



Cast Members were: 

Rebekah Kontz as Alice

Kayla Maldonado as Irene

Nick Shoemaker as the White Rabbit

Alexandria Richmond as Tweedle Dum

Alexis Richmond as Tweedle Dee

Zach Stallings as Walrus

Dot Bappe as Carpenter

Cay Bappe as Mother Oyster

Malcolm Wright as the Doorknocker/Executioner

Aurella Afanou as Caterpillar

Isabella Heald as Mock Turtle

Anne Bryant as Cheshire Cat

Basil Rabayda as The Mad Hatter

Maximus Phillips as The March Hare

Jessica Gorsuch as Dormouse

Charlene McKenna… Queen of Hearts

Max Dunn… King of Hearts

Kyler LuBean… Knave of Hearts

Our lovely Flowers

Marissa Luna, Linda Keo, Diana Perez, Kyra Chatter, Hope Sadler, Bianca Benally and Jennifer Gomez

The Cards

Cassandra Harris-10, Dot Bappe-9, Jessica Lopez 8-Zach Poland 7, Connor Oakley-5, - Hailey Griffth-4, Ashley Morgan-3, Jacob Bercovich- Ace

Technical Crew: 

Patrick Kontz*- Stage Manager, Lighting Operator

Kassy Loyoza- Asst. Manager, Spot, Sound

Malcolm Wright- DS Manager

Kyra Block…Sound Engineer

Kayla Maldonado-DS Manager

Max Dunn- Tech Director

Charlene McKenna- Sound Design

Jade Ciolino- Program

Jessica Gorsuch-Asst. Light Designer

Show Poster Artist: Rebekah Kontz

Show Flat Artists:  Alexandria Coulter, Ariel Reighard & Abigail Barajas