Link Drive

Link Drive
Posted on 2015/11/25

Our Moon Valley Student Council held our annual Link Drive from Monday, November 9th through Wednesday, November 25th. This is an exciting event around school where we raise money for Moon Valley families in need.  Links could be purchased for .25 each with the competition to raise the most money being between the 3rd hour classes. 

Here are our BIG WINNERS! Congrats to the following classes...

1st Place: Mr. Bloom

2nd Place: Ms. Serafini

3rd Place: Ms. Wright

4th Place: Ms. Rios

5th Place: Ms. Metheny

The students and teachers did an AWESOME job and will be rewarded when we return from Thanksgiving break. 1st place will receive a pizza party and the 2nd and 3rd place classes will receive a donut party!  Student Council appreciates all the donations that will go towards helping others in our Moon Valley community. Our grand total is estimated to be near $2,000, which means we reached our goal! Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event a success!