MV Excels Again!

Moon Valley Excels for the Second Consecutive Year!
Posted on 1/31/2008
AZ Learns Excelling School

Moon Valley Excels for
Second Consecutive Year

Moon Valley once again earns the “Excelling” label through AZ LEARNS for the school year 2006-2007.The federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act criteriaare met in Arizona through the state AZ LEARNS standard. This state law (A.R.S. §15-241) requires public schools to assess their students each year and achieve minimum expectations for progress.Arizona’s schools are assessed on achievement using measurable objectives that include AIMS results.Schools are evaluated by NCLB criteria, which include testing results taking into account race/ethnicity, special education, and limited English proficient as well as the economically disadvantaged. AZ LEARNS compiles an annual achievement profile for each public school. High schools are “graded” for
their drop-out rate, graduation rate, and percentage of students who pass AIMS.