New Horizons Student Art Show

New Horizons Student Art Show
 Mekah Abbey  Marissa Clutter

 Mekah Abbey

Marissa Clutter 


At the recent New Horizons Student Art Show at the Shemer Gallery, each participating High School was allowed two entries. I'm pleased to share that both of our students that were in the show won significant awards. Mekah Abbey won a $100 gift certificate to a Tempe Frame company, Framin' Works. Marissa Clutter won a $50 cash award from the Wagner family. This year participating student artists voted on the piece that they thought was the most accomplished and Marissa won that award, an significant recognition from her peers, which carried with it a $100 cash award.  If you know either one of these young ladies, please feel free to compliment them on their success.  
-Art Smith