2014 Tax Credit Donation Deadline

2014 Tax Credit Donation Deadline
Posted on 2014/12/19

December 2014

The date is fast approaching when you won't be able to contribute any more money to Glendale Union High School District through a Tax Credit for the 2014 tax year.  If you donate before December 31st you can still get your money back in full after you file taxes this coming April.  Once the year ends Tax Credit Donations will no longer be counted for the 2014 tax year and you must file them with your 2015 taxes.

Remember, individuals can donate up to $200 and married couples can donate up to $400.  This money will go to the school and programs of your choice and you will receive a full refund after your taxes are filed for the 2014 tax year.  GUHSD will continue accepting Tax Credit contributions after December 31st but they must be filed with your 2015 taxes.

For an online, printable, tax credit contribution form click here.