"Fine and Mellow"

"Fine and Mellow"
Posted on 2015/03/13

By…..Mr. Gordon Williford, Band Director

On Tuesday, March 10th the Moon Valley Jazz Ensemble attended one of six ABODA Area Jazz Festivals being held state-wide.  Each location consisted of three judges and two clinician.  The bands are required to play three songs varying in style and the judge’s award each group with a rating.  Ratings are superior, excellent, good, fair, and poor.  A rating of superior or excellent qualifies the group to compete at the State Jazz Festival.

The Moon Valley Jazz Ensemble performed a funk song by Jeff Jarvis, a ballad by Sammy Nestico, and a blues selection by Michael Sweeney.  The performance went very well and the group received an excellent rating from each judge.  In their clinic, Eric Rasmussen from Scottsdale Community College, commended the group and challenged them to strive for the next level.  “When it comes down to it, just being there was a success,” said Mr. Williford. He continued, “I felt like they gave me their best effort which is all I ask, qualifying for state was just a nice bonus.”

The State Festival will be at South Mountain High School the last week of April.  This year the list of performers will include Moon Valley.  If you see members of the jazz band, please wish them luck.