"Mrs. Zamar Goes to Washington"

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"Mrs. Zamar Goes to Washington"
Posted on 2015/03/27

March 2015

During the week of March 7th, a group of Moon Valley Students along with U.S. History teacher Mrs. Zamar, attended the annual Close Up trip in our nation’s capital.  The Close Up organization is on a mission to “inform and empower young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy”.  The organization has several programs, but specifically our students participated in the week long trip to Washington DC making the political hub a “living classroom”, and immersing students into the activity of the federal city.

Along with students from all over the country, there were activities, places to be, and people to see from 7:30 in the morning on up to 10 o’clock at night.  They visited all of the monuments on the National Mall including several of the Smithsonian Museums, the National Museum of the Holocaust, the U.S. Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, and Arlington National Cemetery.  There were workshops and visits to offices which provided an inside look designed to instruct participants on the workings of our federal government.

One outing included the Senate building where students went to visit with Senator Jeff Flake who took the time to discuss pressing issues concerning Arizona.  Along the way, our group happened upon Senator John McCain.  Even though it was not scheduled, he graciously took the time to shake hands and pose for a picture.

The experience proved to be memorable and educational.  The collaboration was diverse as students from all parts attended this event.  Specifically, our students roomed with teens from Thailand, Boston, Chicago and Hawaii.  It was an opportunity to discover the potential each citizen possesses while collaborating with other youth, each bringing their own individual brand of perspective.  This is Mrs. Zamar’s second trip and she intends to make it a long standing tradition for the Rockets who wish to discover the adventures in our national capital.