"Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out?"

"Why Fit In When You Can Stand Out?"
Posted on 2015/01/16

January 2015

Dr. Seuss asked the question, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  Well, two Moon Valley students achieved just that when they chose to submit artwork to the Shemer Art Center’s New Horizons High School Art Exhibit and were selected to have their pieces on display.  Students from over forty-five schools won spots in the exhibit and are competing for scholarship rewards from donations by people who want to help fund the ambitions of the young artists.  The competitors work has been on display since January 8 and will continue to be available for viewing until Thursday, January 22nd.

Senior Kayla Bates chose to do a self-portrait utilizing oil pastels as her medium.  On an 18x24 colored sheet of paper she used a technique called foreshortening.  By portraying her reaching left hand as larger than her hanging right hand (pictured below), the effect is of the image coming off the canvas and draws the eye into her composition.
Kayla Bate's.....Self-Portrait

The other featured piece of artwork (pictured below) was created by senior Eduardo Leanos-Hernandez.  His objective was to draw a bug using a pen and he had to integrate two or more techniques into the picture.  His masterpiece evolved into an up-close perspective of a caterpillar.  Look closely at the face and you will see that it comprised entirely of dots which is called stipple.  He also used watercolor to produce the grey tones that you see.
Eduardo's Artwork.....Catepillar

We are so proud the phenomenal and creative output of Eduardo and Kayla and wish them luck at winning some scholarship money in this competition.  The awards presentation will be on Saturday, January 17 from 10 AM until Noon.  Click here for this information and additional details.