A Beautiful Mosaic

A Beautiful Mosaic
Posted on 2015/04/24

April 2015

On April 21st, Moon Valley celebrated the beautiful mosaic that is represented in the diversity at Moon Valley.  The festivities began in the temperate outdoors where the smells of delectable foods representing many different nationalities wafted through the air.  Students from Moon Valley’s Culinary Department provided their time and talent to provide the morsels.  Musical notes peppered the evening compliments of our Jazz Band.

Then as the evening progressed attendees visited our Media Center to view artwork and photography produced by students.  Our choral group sang several selections.  The evening was finished off with some of the finest prose as students participated in a poetry reading.  It was a perfect representation of the diversity that makes up our population.

 “We become not a melting pot but a

beautiful mosaic.”

Jimmy Carter