An Evening of Scenes

An Evening of Scenes
Posted on 2015/04/10

April 2015

Last Thursday, a group of Theatre Arts students put together a night of entertainment.  The show which was cast and directed by six students from the advanced class, was a series of six scenes.  The audience witnessed the talents of some our performers which were directed by the following students:

Lexy Frantzen: The Bad Seed—a disturbing tale of a child who is a bad seed
Charlene McKenna: Annie—the lyrical number Easy Street
Shyann Haines: Final Placement—a drama about a woman trying to get her child back from CPS
Alexandria Cabrera: Blithe Spirit—a farcical comedy about a man who’s 2nd wife is haunted by his 1st wife
Ashley Pinkerton: Send—a drama about the impact of bullying on social media
Alex Cabrera: The Addams Family—a musical rendition of One Normal Night when a grown Wednesday brings home a “normal” boyfriend and his family to the Addams Estate for dinner

All students in the advanced class are required to complete an assignment related to directing, but only a handful of students actually take on the challenge of directing a show.  Orchestrating a production gives those theatre arts students a comprehensive perspective on what it takes to make a show happen from casting actors, scheduling and conducting rehearsals, collaborating with technical crews, and so much more.  For those interested in pursuing further education or a career in the entertainment field, it can be an eye opening experience about the many possibilities the entertainment industry has to offer.

Instead of charging admission, the group chose to accept donations of canned food for St. Mary’s Food Bank which is a much needed resource at this time of the year.  Congratulations to all of the students for taking such a lofty goal and transforming it into an evening of entertainment.