Dreams Delivered

Dreams Delivered
Posted on 2014/11/21

November 2014

This past October, the state of Arizona hosted its annual Fair coined Dreams Delivered.  Since before gaining statehood and all the way back to 1884, Arizonans have enjoyed the yearly festivities.  In the beginning, fairgoers were entertained and thrilled with horse and mule races.  The primary attractions, however, were agricultural and culinary exhibits.  Over time, exhibits remain an integral component and have expanded in many areas.  The Moon Valley Fine Arts Department proudly contributed in the area of artwork.

Instructor Shanalee Dorsey assisted eleven of her students in the process of entering a total of fourteen pieces of art work into the competition.  This proved to be an inspiring experience for these teens.  Junior, Lisa Ceballos said, “I never thought I would be able to see my art in a place where everyone else can see it.”  This satisfies one goal for Ms. Dorsey which is to instill confidence that will encourage them to show their work to others.

Ms. Dorsey’s encouragement of the entries proved to be insightful as four of our students placed in the top 3 in their respective categories.  Senior Kayla Bates received third place for her pencil drawing.  Sophomore Alex Coulter won second place for her acrylic painting.  Senior John Anderson secured second place for his water color.  And last but not least, Senior Shirley Grimes won first place for her marker drawing.  Our art students brought home ribbons in four of the five categories.  We are so proud of all of our students who entered and put their pieces out there, and we congratulate our artists who placed in this statewide competition.

2014 Arizona State Fair Ribbon Winners