Game On!

Game On!
Posted on 2015/03/27

March 2015

Perhaps by now you have heard of something called Link Crew from your teen.  But, do you know what purpose it serves in your child’s educational life?  Specifically, in his or her high school experience.  Like most important endeavors, education is a work in progress.  One area of concern is dropout rates.  It was discovered that most students who failed and dropped out, did so during their freshman year.  One aspect fueling the problem is the overwhelming nature of transition from an elementary school or junior high setting.  Link Crew was developed as a system to help with the big changes a high school campus introduces by focusing on three important categories: safety, information and connection.  Upperclassmen who compete and earn leadership positions in this program, become invested in the success of freshman students who they are linked to.  Freshmen students become empowered and engaged, realizing that they are not alone.

On the first day of school, freshmen students attended a special orientation sponsored by Link Crew.  Throughout the year, they have received communication and support via staff and most importantly, through one on one interactions or small groups of students.  This past Tuesday, the freshmen class and Link Crew leaders came together as a group for Link Crew Rocket Games.  The morning activity was designed for fun and collaboration and perhaps opportunities to make some new friends.  Students grouped together based on their English class and competed against each other in some fun games like darts (not the pointy, sharp kind), bean bag toss, trivia and poster making.  After that, things got mixed up a bit and students were randomly selected to form teams and compete against each other.  There was tug-of-war and 50/50 trivia.  There was even a fun game called, gum in the flour.  Competitors, without the use of their hands, had to find a gumball in the flour and be the first to blow a bubble.  The team with the most combined points even won a pizza party.  Way to go Ms. Serafini’s seventh hour English class.  You brought it!

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