Getting In Gear

Getting In Gear
Posted on 2015/02/27

March 2015

Last weekend some Engineering and Media Productions students participated in annual competition as part of their CTE program.  Participants traveled to Valley Vista High School in Surprise to compete in the regional event.  Shannon Batton and Chris Douglas represented Media Productions in the Digital Cinema competition.  The objective was for them to create a 2-3 minute video titled “The Note”.  Videographers only had five hours to write the script, film the video and complete editing.  Shannon and Chris competed again twelve other teams and took 3rd place overall.

Our engineers brought the robots they have been working on since the beginning of the year.  Opponents showcased their robots on a field as part of the competition.  They also had to provide their engineering notebooks illustrating their design process, and deliver a presentation to the judges.  Senior Anthony Encinas placed first at this regional match.  Fourth place was awarded to Marcos Gonzalez and Jose Valenzuela and fifth went to Nick Ramirez and Sergi Lakrikov.  Clearly, all of their year, long preparation paid off!

Congratulations to these two programs for a job well done.  Both groups will move on to the state competition in April and we are wishing them the very best of luck.