Juniors and Seniors to Attend Career Panel Presentations

Juniors and Seniors to Attend Career Panel Presentations
Posted on 2014/09/19

September 2014

It’s that time of the year when our juniors and seniors have the opportunity to participate in our annual Career Fair.  The event is orchestrated by our Career Center Specialist, Bethany Marshall who just joined Rocket Town this year.  Ms. Marshall heads our Career Center, which is available to both parents and students as a resource in navigating and accessing higher education pursuits. 

The event will feature guest speakers who are business owners and career professionals from our community.  Presenters will be prepared to talk about their personal journey in achieving their career goals as well as sharing what companies look for in employees, and the kinds of benefits their organization offers.  Because academics is such an important component to employment, there will be discussions about the importance of staying in school and pursuing post-secondary education.

Our junior and seniors will attend three different panel presentations.  It is our hope that this sparks within our students great motivation to be conscientious about grades and attendance as well as increasing their knowledge base and desire for higher education.  All of this dialogue is designed to provoke thoughtfulness in our teens about their desired career path thereby increasing their potential upon entering the work force.

We thank the people in our community who devote their time and talent to this endeavor.  Moon Valley is proud to be involved in the lives of the youth in our community and we expect great things from our Rockets as they move on and forge their own paths.