Just Dance!

Just Dance!
Posted on 2015/02/20

February 2015

Last weekend students from our Advanced Dance program traveled to southern California for the opportunity of enriching their performance portfolios.  The idea for this trip started when dance teacher, Shauntel Sussex received an invitation from her respective colleague at Cortez High School, to join in on the trip.  This is something that they have been doing for about the past five years, and the interest for this trip grew so much that three other schools within our district joined in as well.  The enthusiasm was so great, that our students sold popcorn and seasoned nuts to fund the highly anticipated trip.

It began with two professional sessions at the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio led by artists that worked with artists such as: Ciara, Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake and many more.  They enjoyed two different styles of dance which were jazz and hip hop.  Next, students attended a Disney character dance class and learned a routine which is performed in the world famous parades.  They also received some insider information about what is like to be a dancing professional with Disney and learned about their internship program for college students.  The outing was closed out at Seal Beach for a day of relaxation and then finally to attend a professional play based off of the movie Dirty Dancing.

Ms. Sussex, was overjoyed to see the different schools come together and for these young students to collaborate about their mutual passion and even make some new friends.  It was such a great success that Ms. Sussex plans to make this an annual tradition for her program.