Moon Valley's Achievers

Moon Valley's Achievers
Posted on 2014/11/14

November 2014

Each year Moon Valley celebrates excellence of its staff, students and community through a recognition process called Achievement Above All.  There are five categories for this award: Teacher, Student, Support Staff, Student Group and Volunteer.  The entire staff participates in a nomination process which is then reviewed by our school Administrators who select the five worth recipients.  The people who receive this award are recognized because they exemplify certain qualities including:

  • A belief that all students can learn and then demonstrating that philosophy in the classroom;
  • Makes contributions to the complete school program both in attendance and in extra-curricular activities;
  • Support the learning goals of our school with positive team effort;
  • Collaborative and professional interaction with all members of the Rocket community;
  • Professional growth through the many forms of instructional strategies.

A sincere and heart-felt thanks for their dedication and Congratulations the 2014 AAA Recipients.

Teacher of the Year, Commander Patrick MacLean
NJROTC Teacher, Commander Patrick MacLean

Student of the Year, Madison O'Neal
Student, Madison O'Neal

Student Group of the Year, Varsity Football
Varsity Football
Left to Right Top: Mr. Layne Peterson, Mr. Sam Jacobs,
Mr. Frank Espinoza
Left to right bottom: Shannon Burton, Joe Martinez,
Tim Adams, Garret Lambert

Volunteer of the Year, Beth Douthitt
Volunteer, Beth Douthitt

Support Staff of the Year, Kara Martin
Support Staff, Kara Martin