Moon Valley Theatre Takes Center Stage

Moon Valley Theatre Takes Center Stage

December 2014

Perhaps you have heard of the CTE program, or Career and Technical Education that is offered at Moon Valley.  One area of opportunity in this program is in Theatre Arts.  Two classes are offered.  The first is Production Stage Craft and Design which allows students to investigate the possibility of a career in technical theatre.  Professionally designed computer based programs offer a curriculum where students produce designs for sets, props, lighting, sound, make-up and costumes.  The second class is the advanced version where students are required to take on leadership roles for productions and events.  Stage craft students in both levels get the opportunity to show case their creations at collaborative events with other schools across the state or sometimes the nation.

On November 21st and 22nd, Theatre Arts instructor Julie Rasor chaperoned a group of Stage Craft students at a leadership conference.  More than 2,200 students from across the state of Arizona competed.  The students are a part of CTSO, or Career and Technical Student Organization.  Attendees participated in workshops, competitions and plays.  Four of our CTE students competed and each took an Excellent in their respective categories.

                Scenic Designs: Senior, Jacob Beebout
Stage Management: Senior, Alexis Cabrera
Costume Design: Junior, Charlene McKenna
Make-Up Design: Senior, Cassandra Miller

While this conference was for our CTSO members, many students in our Theatre Department actually contributed to the outstanding distinction of receiving the Gold Thespian Honor Troupe award.  Moon Valley Thespian Troupe #15, dedicated their time and talent to the stage and community in order to achieve this honor.  Among the many hours they devoted, they performed at Arcosanti at the Artist’s Colony.  They helped work a walk for JDF, or Junior Diabetes Foundation for which they received a certificate of thanks.  This honor belongs to those troupes who go above and beyond, and Moon Valley was one of only eleven to receive the accolade.  Congratulations to our Theatre Department!