One Team, One Dream

One Team, One Dream
Posted on 2015/02/13

February 2015

February 5th marked the first ever Lady Rockets alumni basketball night.  Assistant Varsity Coach Micaela Wollschlager, who is herself a former Moon Valley basketball player, orchestrated the event.  It has been 15 years since the last state championship game, so to mark the anniversary of that achievement and to inspire the athletes, this night was put together.  Attendees were made up of former players going back to the 1993 state runner up team, as well as former coaches and teachers, and parents of some of those players.  The get together was meant to be a forum for former players and coaches to see how the program has shaped up and to also provide current players a lesson about what it takes to become a champion caliber team.

Our Lady Rockets faced off with Arcadia High School who happen to have the same record.  It was a night of celebration and reminiscence.  Our Pomline performed at half time fueling up the energy.  Alumni told of their memories and took joy in seeing their championship trophy up close. Our athletes were up to the challenge of making the evening momentous, and brought home the victory with a score of 54-45.  After the game former Coach Bud Greer spoke to the varsity girls’ team about how to achieve their championship dreams.

The occasion was a great build up as both our girls’ and boys’ basketball programs await confirmation that they will enter this year’s playoff games.  Terrific hustle on the part of our players as we look forward to the upcoming competitions.