Rescue Rockets and Our Agreeable Friends

Rescue Rockets and Our Agreeable Friends
Posted on 2014/10/24

October 2014

The teachers and staff of Moon Valley recognize the significance of extra-curricular activities for young people.  Because of the enrichment it creates in students’ lives, Rocket Town has many clubs in which to become involved.  One such club is Rescue Rockets which was formed as a community outreach to local pets and their owners.  Members of this club have a passion for helping animals and they hope to help care takers meet the needs of their beloved pets.

Earlier this month, club members held a community dog wash.  Participants washed and groomed caring for the many varieties of dogs that came their way at no charge.  They also coordinated a car wash at the same time, requesting donations.  This provided enough money to purchase club t-shirts and to also make donations to local shelters that they will hand pick.  The twenty member charter is already busy making plans for a pet supply donation and perhaps sewing blankets for shelter pets.

Says sponsor and Moon Valley Teacher Jenelle Collins, “Rescue Rockets would like thank our school’s community for supporting our students’ efforts in helping animals.”  Good work Rescue Rockets and way to make a difference in our neighborhood.


"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." ~ George Elliot