Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money
Posted on 2014/12/05

December 2014

This past Tuesday, on December 2nd the UNI 101 club inaugurated its first scholarship writing seminar.  The UNI 101 Club was established by English teacher, Angela Dobberphul to help students with the big task of preparing for higher education.  From freshmen to seniors, all students are encouraged to utilize the resources that UNI 101 has to offer as well as our Career Center.  There are many areas of concern for parents and students when it comes to career path and college, and the topic of scholarships can be overwhelming.

Specifically, some juniors and seniors indicated to Mrs. Dobberphul that they would like assistance with essay writing.  So, UNI 101 and Mrs. Marshall from our Career Center orchestrated the writing seminar to meet this need.  Two ASU representatives also chipped in providing their expertise.  Among the two dozen students who attended, there was a mix of inquiries, so participants broke off into three groups.

The first group consisted of those who were in the editing stage of their essays, and wanted tips on how to answer essay questions.  A great piece of advice given was to share aspects about themselves they wouldn’t normally share as a tactic for making themselves stand out from the crowd.  The second group were at the beginning stage of writing and were taught organizational strategies for creating their essays.  Finally, there were students who needed to learn how to seek out scholarships and they received coaching on how to do searches on the internet to find the opportunities.

Participants discovered that last year, nearly 30 million dollars in scholarship money went untouched because schools didn’t have applicants.   All of this opportunity is motivating students to make this activity a priority in their higher education endeavors.  This workshop was such a success that another one is scheduled for Thursday, December 11th at 2:45 PM in the Media Center.  This time Devry representatives will be on hand to lend a helping hand.  Students who participated the first time will build on what they started and we hope to see some new faces too.